About Us

In 1904 when my great grandfather founded Ruffs in Stoke Road, Gosport, in the fair county of Hampshire, a gentleman would have had to visited the premises to buy a pair of cufflinks.

By 1924, my grandfather had moved the business to a smarter end of Stoke Road and a gentleman would still have had to come through the front door to select a set of links.

It was unlikely, in 1944, that anybody would have been buying much jewellery. The dark years of the Second World War had taken their toll. June 1944 proved the turning--point, however, and cufflinks would soon be in fashion once more.

1964 saw Ruffs flourishing in a new High Street position in Gosport, under the guidance of my father. Cufflinks were no longer just four-sided and joined by a chain connector. New-fangled swivel fittings had arrived but a visit to the store was obligatory.

Technology was advancing apace in 1984 and Ruffs were about to buy their first Macintosh computer. The internet was just around the corner but to buy your cufflinks, four-sided ovals with chain connectors or swivels, you still needed to come and see us.

2004 was a year of great change. Ruffs website had been up and running for five years. We were trading globally from small premises off the High Street. Suddenly we didn't need an outlet at all. We moved to new premises in Warsash on the River Hamble and it was no longer necessary to come and see us - although visitors are always welcome!

2009 - 105 years after Mark Henry Ruff opened his first shop - www.rufflinks.co.uk goes on line and I can sell my Rugby Ball cufflinks to the gentleman in Argentina, a set of Champagne Bottles to the wine-grower from France or a pair of bespoke enamelled cufflinks to the aristocrat in Singapore in the twinkle of an eye or the press of a button....

Mark Ruff.

Ruffs (Estd. 1904) Tel +44 (0)1489 578867 or e-mail: mark.ruff@ruffs.co.uk